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underwear town

Policy advantages

Jinjiang footwear industry to get such a rapid development of Jinjiang strong government support are inextricably linked. In 2006, Jinjiang shoes in China h Cheap Swimwear
ave established an area of 192 mu, total construction area of 190,000 square meters, the standard store 2162 "Chinese shoes city." Jinjiang footwear industry to continue to promote good development, the government introduced to support the development of Jinjiang shoe market Chendai series of preferential policies to help shoe market, financial market. Specific measures are arranged by the Chritian Audigier Swimwear
Government funds the footwear industry in Jinjiang city of idle store for back rent, then low leaseback to the enterprise.

Earlier this year, the RMB appreciation, rising raw material difficulties, Jinjiang footwear industry encountered great obstacles, especially SMEs, because of financing difficulties and had to stop operating. Financing problems that have hindered the development of a small shoe big threshold. In order to solve the financing problem, so that small and medium enterprises out of thi Swimwear 2012
s predicament, Jinjiang guarantee company in June 23, 2008 was established. This is undoubtedly a big help to the development of a small shoe. Also demonstrated the development of the footwear industry in Jinjiang government attention and concern.

Brand advertising. The size of competing here at home and abroad star appearance. Here are our well-known clothing brand "seven wolves," "joeone", "Ba Jin", "SEVEN", "Hosa", "Lee Lang," there we often wear sports shoes, "Anta" "Del benefits", "361 degrees", "globe", "Philharmonic" Swimming Costume
Erke. "

A small county-level cities, to build into the brand capital. So far, Jinjiang China probably has nine brands, 26 countries-free products, there are 10 Chinese well-known trademarks. Jinjiang also has more than 10 "GuoZiHao" title, such as: China shoes, China's textile industrial base, China Food Industry county (city), capital of China zipper, China weaving town, the Chinese umbrella, China Cheap Bikini Swimsuits
Stone Town , ceramic city of China, China underwear town, China town, casual wear, sportswear China town ... ...

Jinjiang enterprises from the "starry" to the formation of several industrial clusters, production from a single category to a comprehensive range of complete industrial Clearance Swimwear
chain, from OEM to brand its own brand name everywhere, "victories" were used in Jinjiang 20 years to complete this difficult leap.

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industry problems

In the process of corporate self-conscious, timely introduction of Jinjiang city guide policy, encourage enterprises to create a license. Subsequently, the "star + advertising" Small and medium enterprises in Jinjiang record card mode. In the footwear industry as the leading Chritian Dior Sunglasses
sports stars have become regulars in Jinjiang, three years to hire dozens of sports stars. After making brand campaign accumulation, a large number of sporting goods companies stand out, Anta, SBS, Ray became famous domestic brands such as speed sports brands.

At the same time, bring together resources of various events in Jinjiang, Jinjiang enterprises to provide more display their brand image of the stage. Chinese badminton team Cheap Sunglasses
training base located in Jinjiang, the State Sport General Administration of Sports Science R & D Base in Xidelong. Companies have active participation in all events, the nation's first county-level city located in the CBA club, the data show, for three years to sponsor sporting events 890 million, national sports teams sponsored by 131 million yuan.

Jinjiang is to build the capital market "Jinjiang plate", but also Discounted Oakley
for creating a capital city to build sports advantages. At present, Anta, Erke two sports brand market, going public has 12 brands.

Technology advantages

Footwear has long been considered a simple low-value-added processing. Enhance the gold shoes are the footwear industry problems to be solved. In Jinjiang shoes production, has become increasingly common to improve the technological content of shoes. Xidelong has more than Oakley Sunglasses Clearance Sale 100 R & D and technical staff, dozens of members of the senior engineer, has developed a number of new patented 20. Made according to each person's foot to create different shoes; Athletic developed nano-antibacterial shoes; Anta Hydrogen Running Shoes; Erke the "technology lead" as a development strategy, developed excellent cool technology, Icy technology, superior suspension system, etc ... Thus, the R & D has been in footwear enterprises in Jinjiang plays an increasingly important role in this Jinjiang footwear industry to create an international brand laid a solid foundation.

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scrolling advertising program

Meanwhile, the Jinjiang has successively introduced advanced production line of up to 1,000 units, PU production lines more than 70 articles, transfer film leather production line more than 20, with single, dual three-color TPR injection molding machine over 1000 cheap nike shoes
of advanced EVA injection molding machine 40 Taiwan. Together with tens of thousands of kinds of shoe-making equipment investment, Jinjiang footwear industry to the development of a strong guarantee. Jinjiang shoe manufacturers supporting the independent production tpr soles, pu soles, EVA foam sheet, PU film cow split leather, high transfer film leather, calf leather, shiny cheap Fendi handbags
er, shoes, resin, PU soft cushion and EVA, MODLE shoe and shoe soles and other machines, chemicals, hardware accessories.

Shoe Fair held annually in Jinjiang footwear industry can be said that one of the highlights. This year, Jinjiang has been successfully held the Tenth Shoe Fair. Shoe Fair will be held in Jinjiang shoe can not only fully realize their products and brands is footwear enterprischeap DC shoes
n Jinjiang out a booth to promote their own. Bo was in the shoe from the national shoe production in each country entrepreneurs, this is footwear enterprises in Jinjiang provide a good platform and the huge business opportunities. It is reported that this year's Jinjiang shoes Bo, contract trading volume of 5.32 billion yuan.


Jinjiang City is the largest producer of sports goods, sports not only has the city's reputation has also been named the brand capital. With China Famous Brand 79, 24 Chinese famous brand, Anta, special steps, 361 °, Athletic, Del benefits, Kinglake, Jordan, the United States and other 37 grams of the national sports industry brands. "Brand capital, flying in" is the highlight of Jinjiang industrial and economic development, but also to build sports Jinjiang city's strong support. Jinjiang brand products while five sets in the central display, the all-weather scrolling advertising program, more than half fromnike Yeezy shoes sets leath es i Jinjiang, it will be the central five sets called "Jinjiang channel."

Looking back at all to build brand Jinjiang road, not difficult to find, brand awakening the beginning of the many companies with a keen sense of smell, the record in the licensing process and found that the sports brand in the hidden


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